Steven Hawson
Virtuoso Classical

person playing guitar

Welcome to all lovers of the classical guitar!

      ¡Qué Emoción! 

Award-winning classical guitarist Steven Hawson is available for live performances throughout the Albuquerque New Mexico metro area...any maybe beyond.

House Concerts:  Hold a live concert right in your home for a small gathering of friends and family

Weddings and Funerals: Whether it’s for the dearly beloved or the dearly departed…

Receptions / Open Houses / Hotel Lobbies / Cocktail Parties: Depending on the atmosphere you’re trying to create, the classical guitar may be a good fit 

Up-scale Restaurants:  The classical guitar is wonderful background music for the finer restaurant. Lends prestige, won’t overpower the dinner conversation, takes almost no floor space, and may encourage your patrons to order more desserts and coffee

Retirement Communities:  Up-close and interactive -- the perfect pace for seniors -- a time to relax, listen, and share a few good stories

Museums / Art Galleries:  Soothing yet classy ambient music as people browse the exhibits

See FAQ and other pages for more details!


Past and future gigs...




4:00 Happy Hour

La Paloma Landing


Albuquerque NM 




City of the Sun 

4:00 PM


Columbus New Mexico 88029 @ 4:00 PM




6:00 PM

Luna County Performing Artists & 
Columbus Chamber of Commerce Presents...


Tumbleweed Theatre; Columbus 88029

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Such a wonderful performance last night, Steven! I absolutely loved all of your selections!  I feel so fortunate to have been there! You are truly an accomplished, versatile, nuanced musician.  - Teresa O.

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