Frequently Asked Questions

What genres of music do you specialize in?

I play a wide variety of styles -- from baroque to modern classical pieces -- from Spanish to Latin -- from Jazz to song melodies from Broadway and 1970's pop tunes.  You can find a few programs from previous performances here and on my blog, but these are only examples.  I am always learning new music and then forgetting old repertoire, so I may not be able to play all the pieces I played in the past.

Who are your main influences on the guitar?

Segovia, John Williams, Julian Bream, Paco de Lucia, Laurindo Almeida, Joe Pass, and others

Are you licensed and insured?

My guitar has never hurt anyone.  Except for that one time...but we settled.  

What are the rates of your services?

Variable, depending on factors such as how long I play and the distance I travel.  If you have a special request and I have to learn or arrange a new tune, I may charge you more.  We can usually work that out.  

What are your terms and conditions?

Whatever we negotiate ahead of time. 

Do you do this for a living?

No, I still have a day job.  I call this "Classical Gas Money"

I'm not a big fan of classical guitar.  Will I enjoy this?

I hope so.  Classical guitar CAN be boring too.  That's why I try to engage the audience, use comedy, and keep things fun for everyone.

Do you have videos on YouTube?

Yes, but mostly of recorded music only.  Today we can access so much online, including many classical guitar performances.  There is a place for these videos, but I want to focus on the in-person experience -- something that we seem to be losing these days.  

Are you COVID vaxed?

Yes, I can bring my card if needed

Can you learn a special piece for me?

Generally, yes.  Many melodies can be played on the classical guitar.  However, some music just does not work on solo guitar, so it really depends on what it is.  

Do you sing songs?

Only on rare occasions. And I'm no Pavarotti .. I am primarily an instrumentalist.